The band Bite the Gnatze is playing for sixteen years now and working with the same musicians , all rooted in
the jazz and improvised music scene of Amsterdam. In the music composed by guitarplayer Paul Pallesen
you can hear echo,s of Monk and Mingus and modern classical composers as Milhaud and Ives. But with the
banjo , lapsteelguitar and the whistle you hear folkmusic subtile slipping into the music.  ‘A collective whose
comic flair and precise technique confirms the exuberant passion and confidence of Holland’s free music
scene’ (Cadence)

Bite the Gnatze are:

Joost Buis , trombone and lapsteelguitar
Played with everybody of any importance in the jazz and improvised music scene of Amsterdam. His most
recent activities are his own band the Astronotes , the David Kweksilber big band , the Spinifex Orchestra , the
Ex and playing with Corrie van Binsbergen and writer Toon Tellegen.

Michel Duijves , clarinet,bassclarinet and whistle
His most important work is his band Maalstroom for which he is the main composer and organiser. Besides
jazz , Klezmer (Jewish music band) , East European traditional music and classical music were always an
important source of inspiration. During the years he discovered  British folkmusic which became  part of his

Meinrad Kneer , double bass
Together with pianoplayer Albert van Veenendaal,he started off the independent recordlabel Evil Rabbit. After
moving back to Germany his most important work now is the Kneer/Baars/Elgart trio, The Berlin based for-
mation Tigers of Love and Spoon 3 with singer Jodi Gilbert and Albert van Veenendaal.

Frank van Bommel , piano, vibraphone and klockenspiel
Most mentioned in reviews and articles is his Richard Twarszik project with the Frank van Bommel quintet.
He reinterpreted and rearranged Twardzik's music and did lots of performances with this project.  He was
asked for  the Eric Dolphy 2000 project with Willem Breuker and Arjen Gorter. Now he is playing with the trio
"As if" with double bass player Raoul van de Weide and drummer Wim Janssen.

Alan Purves , percussion and drums 
After a long career and having worked with lots of musicians, bands and theatre groups, he is now playing
with Corrie van Binsbergen, the Astronotes, Klaas ten Holt, Marc Lotz and the popband  Dazzled Kid.

Paul Pallesen ,  electric guitar, baritone guitar, banjo and bouzouki
After finishing his musicstudy in Amsterdam  he has been playing with a lot of musicians like Martin van
Duynhoven , Wilbert de Joode , Jaap Blonk , Bart van der Putten and Augusto Forti. The most recent projects
were Jorrit Dijkstra' s Pillow Circles and Moldava Calls with flutist Marc Lotz and violinplayer Anatoli Stevanet.
Now he is joining the project 'Spoken Beat Night' with singer Jeannine Valeriano and bass-clarinet player
Maarten Ornstein.

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18-1-2012  Concertregistratie van
Bite the Gnatze op 18 november
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